Why Tetley Fails in Pakistan

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Competitive Review of famous brands * Unbranded Tea * Tapal * Unilever (Lipton and Supreme) * Vital
Marketing Mix Analysis * Product * Place * Promotion * Price
SWOT Analysis of Tetley Tea * Strengths * Weaknesses * Opportunities * Threats
Buyer Analysis * Brand Loyalty * Demographics * Consumer Awareness * Positive Motivation * Rational vs. Emotional Motives * Success and Failure Influence * Substitute Goals * Arousal of Motives * Maslow’s Needs * Attitude Formation of Tetley * Consistency of Attitudes * Personality and Consumer Behavior * Consumer Perception
Tetley’s Areas of Improvement
Recommendations for Tetley


In 1837,
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It also sells products in North America. It has a wide local reach, selling its products in all cities and rural areas of Pakistan. It has well over 400 distributors in Pakistan and they are monitored on a continuous basis by its personnel. Tapal imports tea leaves from Kenya and other countries and blends them at its plants in Karachi and Shinkiari in the north of Pakistan. The company does not manufacture brands for any third party or private label and exports tea to the Middle East and North America.

Lipton is a brand by a giant company. Excessive promotion, excellent distribution network and superior quality have helped Lipton to reach new heights. Lipton with slogan “Lipton tea can do that” is very popular. Its teabags are widely used in offices. And the unique feature that the highlight in the advertisements of tea bag is excellent, that with every dip the tea becomes stronger and stronger. Then the new campaign which says that “chai ho tou strong ho” is also a great initiative.

Supreme is also a brand by Unilever but this one is with a local taste. By this I mean that they highlight the Pakistani style and traditions in their advertisements. They claim to bring families closer with its rich taste and tradition. And this is what they show in their ad that is family bonding.

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