Why Texas's Education And Health Care System Will Improve Our State

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Change is always good because our world is always changing and shifting, why not try something different, right? Texas has been a conservative state for far too long and obviously it’s not a hundred percent the right answer. What can we do? We can start by pushing for a better educational and government system. Yes, this will raise our taxes, but, wouldn’t you pay more for better in quality of service. It is hard for people to succeed in a conservative state because the government is worried about politics and the states state budget. In this paper, we will look at why Texas needs to reform and push towards a more liberal government. There are a few reasons why improving the education and health-care system will improve our state. These improvements will impact our state and by providing Texas with the tools to succeed and provide a stronger government for the future. First, we will go through why Texas policies do not promote the general welfare of our state. Second, we will go through why our society has an obligation to help the less fortunate and last “Should the state of Texas be morally compelled to assist the less fortunate.” Let’s begin with “Why Texas policies do not provide or promote the general welfare of the people of Texas.” When you look at all the facts that are in “Texas on the Brink” you can clearly see how much our government does not value the welfare of our future generations. It is defiantly clear why Texas ranks last in almost every category of
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