Essay on Why The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Should Not Be Banned

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The decision to ban the novel Huckleberry Finn from classrooms and libraries has been an ongoing controversy. The presence of the 'n word' and the treatment towards Jim, and other blacks in general, has made many readers uncomfortable. Despite this fact, Huckleberry Finn has been and remains a classic read. I do not believe the novel should be banned or sanitized because it is a part of American history whether it is good or bad, also we have no right to change someone's writing simply because we do not like how it is written, Mark Twain's writing should not be penalized because of the ideals of today. Sanitizing Huckleberry Finn would be ignoring America's past and history. Revising the original version of the book is not staying true…show more content…
If language is such a major issue then schools would have to void basically all historical novels worth reading. It is important to remember that Mark Twain was not racist. If he had been, it still does not give any person the right to change or ban what he has said for their own pleasure. "The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightening and a lightening bug"(Dawkins 1). A famous quote of Mark Twain. If Twain had wanted his book written a different way then he would have done so himself. The revisional author, Alan Gribben, said he worried that the N-word had resulted in the novel falling off reading lists. He believes his sanitized edition will please more readers and teachers. Gribben has plowed over Twain's freedom of speech in the process. After all, Twain isn't around to comment(Dawkins 1). The responsibility of this book belongs to no one. Banning or sanitizing Huckleberry Finn should not be a topic of discussion because Twain had every right to write the book however he desired. Offensive terms and words are being invented right now. We should not pick on historical terms when others are being invented everyday. "Making kids read books they are not mature enough to understand makes them hate reading for the rest of their lives"(Mullen 1). People have argued that high-school students are not mature enough for Huckleberry Finn and will find the book offensive. However most teens are
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