Why The Automobile Is A Great Feat

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When thinking of an automobile the first thing that comes to many people’s minds is transportation. The automobile is a great feat in engineering that leads to the ability to connect the cities of the world in an easier way that everyone can own. Most people though, when thinking about automobiles, do not think about the heart of the automobile, the engine. The engine is the thing that drives the automobile forward and pumps the power through the transmission and to the wheels to produce the outstanding acceleration that we feel. The engine is a great piece of machinery, but is very fragile. It always needs proper oil and coolant. Oil is very important to an engine; it cools the engine, cleans the engine, lubricates the engine, and creates compression in the engine. The average mileage anyone should drive on an oil change is three thousand miles. That is the peak distance at which the oil will start to become full of foreign particles and the filter will not be able to properly clean this oil. In addition to oil, coolant is very important to an engine because of the cooling ability that it adds to the engine. Without coolant the engine will overheat and most possibly blow a head gasket or warp the block. Oil, coolant and other many factors go into keeping an engine in good running order to extend its life. Maintaining the fluids and keeping them in good condition is important to this longevity. The only problem with man-made machinery like an engine is that it will

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