Why The Bear Came Over The Mountain

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After reading the short yet well written short story, I truly agree the portrayal of the modern age men in this society. In the story, The Bear Came Over the Mountain by Alice Munro, I realised what Grant has to experienced and I felt sympathy and how he deserves it the same time, rather a controversial true opinion.

I think the author clearly shows the selfishness of men through Grant as he is a typical man trying to fulfil his own pleasures by courting women that went to his lectures in university. I felt that the author again emphasized on it as the work driven Grant ended up taking an early retirement just because Fiona had inherited property after her dad’s passing. In the end, I think that human in the modern society much less have the same selfish attitude as they will strive to get the things they thirst for in life, no matter the consequences after. As Grant said, ”You’ve made a new friend.” to his Alzheimer diseased wife, I feel the author wants us to know of the jealousy of men and which amplifies greatly in the role that I think Grant is very suitable for because of his controlling ways. Ironically, I feel that the same Alzheimer as we know of as “short term” disease as well reflecting
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Forsooken me. Forsaken.” which was replied with “Not a chance.” by Grant, shows how even after all both had experienced they waited for each other in the end. The sentence which Fiona said I thought was like a hit into Grant’s gut because likewise we expect people to go to their old ways after not being together for some time. On the other hand, I admire of Grant’s consistency of finding ways to make her wife happy even though it meant letting her having a relationship with a stranger. I feel that Grant has matured into a better person whom not just wants to fulfil his own pleasure but to fill the void in the emptiness of his loved ones in the
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