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So much has been said about the Beatles, they are regarded as one if not the most influential and greatest band of all time. They were not just a great band, their music revolutionized the way music was made back then and even today. Their songwriting skills and their ability to make great music were unmatched. People have said they were ahead of their time and set the standard of songwriting and music making. Not only were they important because of their music, their message of love and peace was a great influence on the world at that time as well. Even after almost fifty plus years, they still have an influence on popular culture and music to this day. In this essay I will make the case why the Beatles revolutionized music and pop…show more content…
When the Beatles came to the United States for the first time to play at the Ed Sullivan Show, that was the start of “Beatlemania” Girls absolutely loved them and the boys were either jealous of them or wanted to be like them. With their mop top hairstyles and clothing style, more and more boys and men started dressing and have their same type of hairstyles just to be like the Beatles. Even today, teens, young men, and even famous bands these days have adopted the mop top hairstyle. Not only did they bring the mop top hairstyles, they way they dressed was also made famous in that era.
The Beatles adopted a different kind of clothes and shoe type of fashion in their early years. During the height of “Beatlemania,” they usually wore collarless suits and also “skinny” suits that were not your average looking suits, they were a lot thinner looking. The Beatles also brought a shoe/boot style; they wore tight fitting boots that were ankle length. That shoe style was also heavily imitated by fans of the Beatles; and even to this day, many people and musicians still use that style of footwear. There have been many trends throughout the years that many people have imitated, but a few people can say that those other trends have lasted as long as the Beatles fashion trends have.
The Beatles early days were the most relevant for their fashion trends, but even as they became older and matured, they had other
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