Why The Book Winning By Jack Welch

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Getting ahead in business is a challenge for anyone, especially for those that don 't have a lot of experience. This is why the book Winning by Jack Welch is a necessity for managers and entrepreneurs to have. My first impression of the book was that it was going to be a difficult read, written in old English and hard to understand. Despite that, I came quickly to the realization that I was wrong about my assumption. The vibe I was receiving while reading the content of this book was that the author had all the confidence in the world and knew exactly how to deliver his message. Mr. Welch divided the information into five sections, with each section having a few chapters that clearly separated the content to make it easy to understand. I made a personal connection to this book and related it back to sport, despite it being about business. The book made me compare the managerial styles that Mr. Welch had talked about with my previous coaches. The book was jam packed with useful information despite not feeling that long in length. It was a relatively easy and interesting read, and Mr. Welch did a great job at making it understandable for everyone to have an opportunity to grasp the concepts. After all, not all people in business/entrepreneurs have a post-secondary education, so it 's very important that Mr. Welch write a book that appeals to all reading levels and I feel he achieved that. “Underneath it all” is the first section of the book. In the inaugural chapter of the

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