Why The Borders Of America Should Be Closed And Secure

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In order to ensure our country 's safety, I believe that the borders of America should be closed and secured. If America 's leaders vote to keep our borders open and free to all, the Immigration Crisis will evolve into an even bigger problem. It is my understanding that America is already trillions of dollars in debt, not including all the funds it would take to care for thousands of immigrants. While the numbers are clearly not as bad as most other countries, we too have our own citizens living in poverty everyday. I firmly believe that until we are capable of providing restoration and a better quality of life to our own people, we have no business or resources to do so for other countries.

My opinion is obviously not to be mistaken for not allowing anyone into the United States. If perhaps an individual is willing to go through the complete legal process of becoming an American citizen, by all means, let them live happily in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. I believe it is time for America and it 's leaders to percieve this crisis for what it really is. The affects of this immigration will target many more people than just the refugee 's themselves. To remain blind to this nationwide problem, is to commit an act of terror on our own country. The negative impacts of this political problem will far exceed the benefits it may provide for some. The foundation of America will forever be changed, due to the fact that making

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