Why The Business Man Flew In Like A March Wind By William B. Dubois

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William did not like the ferries. He was doing well for himself in New York. He was making good money. He was meeting important people. He was living like a king. He liked New York, just not the ferry boats. Jack did not like New York at all. He said “this town is a leech.” “It drains the blood from the country. Whoever comes to it accepts a challenge to a duel.” Jack is saying that it’s a monster and a fight for everything. People left the West to come to the city for wealth and opportunity. Jack went for the art and William went for business, but I believe others may have left the west simply to see what the big city is all about. The opponent is the city herself. She is tough and willing to fight anyone. It’s a continual battle to get anywhere or do anything. “The battle is to decide whether you shall become a New Yorker or turn the rankest outlander and Philistine.”…show more content…
O Henry is comparing the business man running into the restaurant to the speeds of March winds with “like a March
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