Why The Cleveland Indians Could Benefit From Using The Stp Model

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In order for an organization to develop a successful marketing strategy and to create value for its customers, there are three essential steps that must be followed. This process includes segmenting, targeting, and positioning (STP). The basis of this process is to divide the population into segments with a distinct commonality, identify the segment(s) to target in efforts of reaching marketing goals, and then position the product or service to appeal to the targeted market. In order to make the STP model as effective as possible for the organization, it is crucial to fully develop each step and include the necessary information needed to implement the best decision that would be the most beneficial for the company. The Cleveland Indians…show more content…
Geographic segments would be based on a person’s country, region, or city size. Lastly, behavioral would consist of groups divided by occasions, usage, or attitudes when making a decision on whether or not to purchase the product/service (Werner, 2017). These variables can be analyzed through various methods including interviews, questionnaires, and customer data (Harvard, 2016). The Cleveland Indians fans have earned the reputation of being extremely dedicated and loyal to their team. According to Rosko (2016), Cleveland Indians’ fan base was ranked in the top 250 in the world. It is no secret that the baseball team has a devoted following, but it does beg the question who are these fans? The followers of the Cleveland Indians’ brand will be segmented into groups based on their demographics and geo-demographics. For the Cleveland Indians, this will entail categorizing consumers into groups based on age, gender, family size, and region. Data shows that Indians’ fans are about equal when it comes to attendance of the game based on sex(In-park, 2017). Furthermore, it shows that about 47% of their fan base is female and 53% of their fan base is male (In-park, 2017). In terms of fan avidity, 38% of the fans live in the

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