Why The Colonists Become American After The Revolution?

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There is a lot of controversy over when the British colonists become American. Is it before the American Revolution? During the American? Or after the American Revolution? Besides these questions there are also questions regarding what an American is and when it comes to the Civil War who were the Americans? In the case we will look at events in history and three books to get a better understanding and come to a conclusion. In my opinion the colonists become American after the Revolution. I specifically believe it is when the constitution is written in 1987. I believe it is here because that is when the criteria that made the colonist different from Great Britain was outlined. Everything that the U.S. did not want to be was put in words these tended to be everything similar to Great Britain; so that shows that they are no longer colonist so what are they? Americans. Besides that in the constitution everything that makes up an American was established i.e. freedom, equality, opportunity and such. In order to better understand this we must look at exactly what an American is. So exactly what makes someone an American? When it comes to being American I think there are three main essential characteristics. The first I would say is freedom. To be an American you have to want to be free and believe in freedom. The second would have to be believing in equality for all. Lastly would be living in the United States of America. However I feel this piece is least important. I believe
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