Why The Commodities Super Cycle Is Complete Or Not?

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The question as to whether the commodities super cycle is complete or not has to be analysed critically with regards specific products
The shale gas underwent a complete turnaround in the early 21st Century. This was spearheaded by the United States

Factors affecting the demand and supply of the shale gas industry.


For the purpose of this report, the commodity selected is natural gas will be discussed but focus will be on shale gas. The time period for analysing the factors affecting demand and supply of the shale gas will be from the 1990’s to date.

The report will look into current market situation and history of shale gas and its likely forecast in price movement in the future. Additionally, it will outline determinants that have led to increased demand using a case study of the United States and likely supply and demand to the rest of the world.

Further, the report will discuss commodity price in the industry and arguments for and against supply, demand and price shifts. Future forecasts and sustainability of the product will be discussed by use of graphs and tables. Finally, recommendations and a conclusion based on the above analysis will be made about the commodity.
History of Shale gas
According to (Total 2012), the production of shale gas begun in the 1990’s, and was majorly done by small independent producers. The big industry players who have advanced production technologies drove growth in

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