Why The Companies Should Market Children

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There has been disagreement as to whether the companies should market to children or not. Most of the commercial companies tend to believe that children are good for the economy. Some companies say that children are the main buyers of the products and hence they believe that they should be allowed to market to the children. However, I have different views as to whether the companies should market to children. My stand is that Companies should market to children. Although marketing to children can be harmful to them, but advertising to them has many advantages and benefits
Children are a term used to refer to individual who are 12 years of age and below. According to United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural organization, the children refer to those individuals between the ages of 0-8 years. On the contrary, understanding of the term children vary from one country to another. But, those with 12 years and below are widely accepted as the children.
It is commonly accepted that, children have no logical, intellectual skills that enable them to understand the nature or intent, they use and harm of the marketing that is directed to them. This is because; they become socially engaged at a very early age into paying attention to marketing messages both in and out of school. Unlike adults, children can easily be said to believe in what they see than what they hear. This makes it a more powerful force for companies to market to children than to adults.
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