Why The Continents Divided

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Why The Continents Divided In the beginning, there were seven clans of humans on earth. The humans were weak, feeble beings, and some of the gods felt sorry for these poor people, so they decided to help them. Each clan received a different gift from the gods. Demeter, the goddess of agriculture, gave the first clan the gift of always having a fruitful harvest. From Hecate, the goddess of ghosts, the second clan received the ability to communicate with the dead, and the rest of the clans received similar gifts. The most important gift that was bestowed upon the humans was fire that Prometheus had stolen from the gods. This made Zeus, as furious as a raging fire, and from then on he hated the humans. After the humans had been given these…show more content…
Wheels turning, mind racing, Hades, the god of the Underworld who hated the gods of Olympus, saw that the humans had become greedy and decided to use them in his plan to usurp power from Zeus. He told them that with his power he could take seven of the humans, each from a different clan, to Mount Olympus, and that if they could take Zeus’ lightning bolt away from him that they would have all the power that they desired. Greedily accepting his deal, the humans went up to Olympus. The seven people made it in and Hades took them up to the edifice where the lighting bolt stayed. Zeus watched them from the dark shadows as they attempted to steal his bolt of bright, gleaming lighting. If a human touched the bolt, they could not survive the amount of power that it contained. So when the humans touched the lighting they all were struck, and died. Zeus was furious with the humans, so he took away all of their gifts and with a loud roar he used his sizzling bolt to strike the earth on which the humans resided. He divided the ground into seven different sections, so that each clan was on a different section. The earth, dead and ashen, was split up and
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