Why The Crow Is Black

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Not only does this story explain why the crow is black, why it caws and why people don’t eat them, but also gives the origin of fire and explains the seasons. Morally the story shows the value of selfless acts. I also think that the fact that the animals are portrayed similarly to people (able to talk, worry, and act for the sake of others) allowed for the developed respect for the land and empathy for people as well as animals (Lenni Lenape Tribe, 2012). It is important to note here that it is very easy to villainize the European Americans, and without a doubt there were many people who used the education of the Native Americans to do very villainous things and on the whole the Native American Boarding schools were an exercise in abuse, but (and this is a big but) by and large the intention of the European Americans was to help the native Americans. The situation is not a black and white “Good” vs. “Evil”. The problem was cultural. The Native way of thinking was a problem for the European Americans who had found the land and wanted to use it their way. There was, if course a contrast to how the Native Americans viewed the world and their place in it and when the Native Americans fought back against the appropriation of their land, there was blood shed on both sides. This lead to the European view that the Indian was not to be trusted. There were also differences in religion. One has to remember that the Christian religion dominated the European population of U.S. and one
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