Why The Disease Has Been An Enemy Of A Human Ever Since It First?

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Tae Hyun Hwang
Mrs. McGee
Section 3
27 April 2015

The disease has been an enemy of a human ever since it first appeared. In fact, humankind has been at war with the disease for most of history, often at the losing end. However, the principle of immunization equalized this adversarial relationship. The concept of vaccination has been one of the most significant medical advancements in history because it has prevented the onset of deadly diseases, has eradicated previously malignant maladies, and has improved human life by removing fear of acquiring such contagious afflictions.
The institution of vaccination began with smallpox. Smallpox had been a very eminent fatal disease throughout the world, an extremely serious disease from 10,000 BC. It was most likely that the smallpox started by the Egyptian merchants. It was found out that the mummified head of the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses V showed the symptoms of smallpox. ("Edward Jenner . . .") From that time on, smallpox had spread on to Europe, Asia, and America. "Speckled monster", a nickname for smallpox, had attacked, especially in Europe, where the death rate reached up to 60%. ("Edward Jenner . . .") It had killed millions of people with no one knowing how to prevent it. Even though there were people who survived, one-third went blind and had a huge scar especially on the face. In Europe of an 18th century, 400,000 people died from smallpox every year. ("Edward Jenner . . .") Smallpox had been the very mysterious
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