Why The Drinking Age Should Be Changed

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The feasibility of why the drinking age should be changed from 21 to 18 can be shown in a variety of reasons, which would show that the drinking age should be changed. If this law was changed it would benefit several people for it would create less stress for certain people and it simply makes sense to change it. Although there will be a few people that may not agree with it, although the reasons that will be shared can help change those people’s minds. By changing this law it will help this country out by putting the stress level of cops down, it will help out the economy, people at that age are considered to be adults, less binge drinking incidents, less drunk driving fatalities, eliminate people underage to feel the excitement of drinking illegally, less fake IDs and it will also help there to be less underage drinking that will happen. Overall this will just create stuff like this that will help improve this country. The reason for this is there will be a great amount of less people that are underage drinking for people needing to worry about. When it comes to the drinking age it has been talked about for numerous years in which it should be changed or kept where it is at. With the drinking age is people can argue this issue for both sides of it, which this makes it tough to bring forth any changes for the drinking age. This issue can cause a great deal of problems for the United States as there are people fighting for the government to change the drinking age
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