Why The Drinking Age Should Be Lowered

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In our world today, fifty percent of Americans believe it is appropriate for those under twenty-one to drink alcohol and want the legal drinking age to be lowered to eighteen. In the United States when an individual reaches eighteen, he or she are believed to be an adult. Becoming an adult as the law states that means mature enough to vote, purchase cigarettes, and even sign up for the military. When considering changing the drinking age to eighteen for many reasons to think through when it comes to health complications regards to well-being of others and maybe taken under circumstances where it may be excessively over used. Many individuals argue that the United States has the foremost careless drinkers with a little self-control once…show more content…
Despite the facts that individuals contend with twenty-one the magic amount of our general public was pulled out of thin air as the suitable age. Here is the explanation for it the drinking age initially began at twenty-one yet in the sixties and seventies it gradually brought down to eighteen. Yet states recognized a huge increase in the highway death to teens have an influence on these laws. Then states realized before the change, the roads were much safer. This is ultimately why twenty-one was the suitable number. With that being said, it is regularly contended by teenagers that the drinking age is excessively high. They accept that in the event that they are qualified to vote, they may be sent to war and possibly die for our country at the age of eighteen; then they should be able to consume alcohol. Then again, the United States government saw issues with youth drinking and they chose to raise the drinking age. As extra motivation to enforce the age significance, the government proposed to stop all government subsiding of roadways to the states whose drinking was short of what twenty-one. By keeping the streets safe was the main purpose behind raising the drinking. This may be cliché considering we hear this from our guardians constantly, yet our brains don 't completely create until around the age of 20. Actually, the exact opposite thing that creates is
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