Why The Family Health Nurse Can Be A Useful Resource Within The Community

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The public health nurse works within the community and focuses on care to the public, whether it is sick or well-care. Public health nurses collaborate with various agencies within the community to help improve or stabilize the health of the community while also promoting healthy living. Primary health promotion and prevention involve the nurse to have resources, within their community, for diverse settings such as home health agencies, public health departments, community and home health education, and nursing centers. The purpose of this paper is to discuss access to these facilities in my community and how families can benefit from using these resources. I will also discuss why the family health nurse can be a useful resource within the community. Home health care has continued to grow over the last decade due to an increase in the elderly population, chronic illnesses, increased life expectancy, and shorter hospital stays (Helbing, Snagl, & Silverman, n.d.). Home health agencies are able to provide the community with various services such as wound and surgical care, education, intravenous and nutrition therapy, injections, and monitoring illnesses or an unstable health status. The benefit of having a home health nurse is that it is cheaper than facilitating the use of a nursing facility or hospital, and the convenience of visiting the patient in their own home (Medicare.gov., n.d.). Nurses can provide patients in the community with resources to locate a home health…
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