Why The Female Infanticide Is Not A Morally Justifiable Essay

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Eskimos are a nomadic people that occasionally kill their young, especially girls, for the preservation of their way of life. They do not have room to carry a lot of kids and if there are no families that are willing to adopt the "surplus" children, Eskimos leave the infants out in the snow to die (EMP, 15). This is justified from their perspective because the men have a higher rate of dying as the ones who go out to hunt and if they let all the female infants live, the population of women would be significantly greater than that of the men (EMP, 22). This would in turn lead to starvation without having men to provide food for them. I am going to argue that the female infanticide is not a morally justifiable practice. I do not agree that killing these innocents outweighs the benefits it has to their society. Many arguments that support female infanticide use the Cultural Relativism theory to defend their claim. Cultural Relativism is a theory that depicts how we all have different cultures and different moral codes, therefore, it is impossible to judge another 's culture from our own perspective (EMP, 19). In this way, female infanticide is justified because Eskimos do not heartlessly kill the infants, but only do so only because they do not have the means to care for an extra amount of children (EMP, 22). Although it is true that they lack birth control, it is still possible to not to have kids: do not have sexual relations when a woman is ovulating. This is a basic form

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