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The flex mod would would help me more for three reasons; it helps me work on my weakness’, also is because it will remove distractions, and lastly it gives me more control over my grades. The first reason is working on my weakness. This helps this area because I could be fluent in one subject, but perform horribly in another. With the option of going to another location to work on other subjects helps improve on that area. The one-on-one time could help because a student could make the subject easier to understand, more than the teacher could. The second reason is it removes distractions. For many of my classes there are distractions. For example, in one of my main subjects there are many people who talk, with this option, it removes that distraction helping me focus more. The last reason is because it helps me control my grades. With being able to go to another location to work on a subject i'm having trouble in can help improve my grade.
Along with having this new change means there needs to be discipline, or else it will not work. A good way to solve this problem is allowing kids to go to another
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Some concerns are tracking down students, who may use the two part system to go to other classes or roam around, kids not actually using the system, and the major fact that some people don’t like change. First off with the tracking of students, there is an easy fix to this situation, make them present their honor card on the way out, and have monitors in the hallways whenever students are going to another location. Even though some students may not use their time wisely, another easy solution comes to this, simply relieve them of their privilege to have free time. The final issue is people do not like change. In order for this to work we need everybody on board, or it will be a disaster. I suggest get a meeting together with the staff and parents etc. and explain to them why this will help benefit their
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