Why The Food Is The United States

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Throughout my life I have done a lot of traveling, I lived in Chile for four months and France for three. I am definitely used to living in a different part of the world that has a different culture than I am used to in the United States. Culture shock is not something I normally experience during extended stays in different places around the world. I got over that when the day I got to Chile as a sixteen year old, one of the most powerful earthquakes in human history struck and definitely put my time in Chile on a different path than I expected. I was never nervous about coming to London and spending four months here. It is not as drastic of a change as living on a dairy farm in a country that’s native tongue is different from your own. However, I was actually quite shocked upon my discovery of how different the food is in London compared to that of the United States. In this paper I am going to discuss how and why the food is different in the UK compared to that of the USA. To begin this discussion, I want to go into what shocked me so much about the difference in the grocery stores. During one of my first days in London, my roommate and I decided that we were going to go grocery shopping. So, we make our way over to Tesco on High Street Kensington to get some food for the week. Well, actually, we thought it would last us a week but due to preservative laws in the UK most food, like vegetables, fruit and most meats don’t last much longer than a few days. This was a…

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