Why The Government Should Legalize Abortion

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Mohammadamin Malek Pour “Why the federal government should legalize abortion” In the United States, abortion is an issue that arises a lot of arguments not only among normal people but also among politicians from different political parties. There are two major views about abortion which are pro-life and pro-choice. Pro-life supporters basically state that no one can terminate a fetus and the fetus has the right to live. On the other hand, pro-choice supporters believe that no one should be forced to keep the fetus that they do not want to keep. Generally, abortion is not illegal in the US; however, different states have different laws. For instance, is some states such as Utah the abortion…show more content…
By legalizing the abortion the government could lower both the rate of disease infection due to illegal abortion and the number of organ trafficking. Even if we do not believe in the morality of abortion we all know that humans’ autonomy is valuable. In my opinion, by forcing women to carry the fetus for nine months without giving them the right of abortion is violating the autonomy of women. I think that having a baby is something personal that no one has the right to decide about it except the parents. By illegalizing abortion, the government intervenes with parents’ personal decisions. For example, consider Bob who wants to force his faith on other people even though no one wants to follow it. He states that following his religious beliefs could lead all humans to heaven and would make their lives better; therefore, he thinks that it is his responsibility to force humans to follow his beliefs. Do you agree with him? Do you think that he has the right to force people to forget about their autonomy and their beliefs to follow his? In the case of abortion, just like the case of Bob, it does not matter if we do not consider abortion a moral action. We do not have the right to force people to follow our beliefs about abortion. We have no rights to intervene in people’s lives to force them to keep the baby. Therefore, that is why I think the government should not illegalize the abortion. Being
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