Why The Grandmother In A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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Similar to every character in any given work of literature, the grandmother from “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” had several attributes, both pleasing and vexatious. Of all her many qualities, I greatly valued her ability to consistently speak her mind, even in the face of danger. Never was she shy to give way to her true emotions and allow those around her to view her perspective on the events occurring within her life, a rarity in today’s society. Additionally, it was made obvious how deeply she cared for her family in her desperate attempt to persuade The Misfit to return to the “good man” she assumed he once was and therefore permit the family to safely escape the dangerous predicament. Likewise, the grandmother was a Christian woman that…show more content…
To begin with, the grandmother uses his escape from prison as an influential claim made in her efforts to persuade her son to travel to Tennessee, rather than Florida for vacation. Furthermore, Red Sammy also discusses the extremity of the outlaw with his customers and implies that he “wouldn’t be none surprised to see him,” thus conveying that future events might include the dreaded appearance of notorious The Misfit. When the grandmother implies, at separate times, that both Red Sammy and The Misfit are each a “good man,” she is referring to a man of good moral stature that reflects gentlemanly characteristics. Likewise, she recognizes certain traits as some that a “good man” may possess, including generosity, humility, honesty, and so forth. As any person would, the grandmother marvels at men and women who acquire virtuous ideals and aim to attain the greatest possible environment for their fellow humans, for it is by a person’s actions that one can determine the amount of goodness within a…show more content…
The felon presumes that the woman expects him to be moved by her compassionate words that carry no true meaning; henceforth, The Misfit considers it be counterfeit empathy and concludes that it was not her average disposition. Nevertheless, readers have no factual proof concerning the godliness of the woman, for the story only occurs within a brief period of time in which they cannot discern whether she was simply acting sympathetic to elude gunpoint. With this in mind, the criminal suggests that the grandmother truly would have been a good woman if only she had lived her entire life similar to how she behaved there in the face of
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