Why The High School Dropout Age Should Be Increased

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According to US News, in 2008, more than one million students did not finish high school. Each year, the amount of dropouts is greater and greater. The high school dropout age should be increased. It should be increased because of the increase in graduation rates and higher earnings, but yet some believe there are benefits to dropping out of school. Graduation rates increasing is one of the many benefits if the age is raised. The first reason the high school dropout age should be raised, is because the graduation rates will go up. For example, according to New Hampshire Deputy Commissioner of Education, Paul Leather, “When you raise the compulsory age of education, the graduation and retention rates will in fact increase.” This shows how…show more content…
Some think it would be easier for students to find a job if they are not in school. In an interview, Remiss states, “They even have a higher likelihood of ending up in jail or public assistance.” This shows how students who drop out of high school will not be able to enjoy their leisure activities. Also, Remiss states, “tackle some of the economic social problems that lead the students to drop out…” This shows how the students are dropping out so they can pursue a hobby they enjoy. However some people think having the age remain will benefit the students. A letter that a young girl wrote to her grandmother says, “Rather than spend the day getting to school and feeling helpless, I decided to step up and look for a job to really help out at home.” This shows how a high school girl is trying to get a job to help her family, even though it will most likely not be beneficial. Even though students typically do not come back to high school after leaving, Marisa later states, “Maybe if I'm lucky… I'll be able to return to school next fall. This shows how adolescents who have dropped out will join school again in the future, even though the chances are rare that the student will follow through and come back. Obviously social issues will emerge, along with low graduation rates and lower income if the dropout age is not raised.
The high school dropout age should be raised. It should be raised because the graduation rates would increase. Secondly, if the age is raised, the students will receive more education so they will receive higher earnings. Lastly if the age is raised, there will be positive effects in their social lives. The dropout age should be raised because it will benefit the students in their
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