Why The Human Resource Department Is Responsible For New Employee Orientations

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1. Clark Retirement Community uses several sources to recruit employees. Available positions are posted on Clark’s website, http://www.clarkretirement.org/, and on Mlive.com. Although, there are plans to switch to Indeed.com in the near future. Potential employer’s Linkedin accounts are sometimes looked at, but Linkedin.com is not utilized as a source for recruitment at Clark. Executives are sometimes hired using an outside firm. However, the last executive hire at Clark actually utilized and applied under Clark’s website. This proves that Clark’s website is a useful tool to promote Clark not only to future and current residents, but also to recruit employees. 2. The Human Resource department is responsible for new employee orientations.…show more content…
Focal performance appraisals allow consistent and fair feedback to each employee. 4. Clark’s Employee performance appraisals are based on departmental competencies. Employee performance appraisals are done through a sit down interview. For Leadership members, their subordinates complete an online survey on their performance. The “Leadership Performance Evolution” survey is Attachment A on page 7. The survey not only asks questions about leadership, but also for employee’s personal and professional goals, any updates or plans for their education/training, and feedback. The feedback includes asking what kind of support or assistance they need from their supervisor, and “What education, experience, or achievement have you accomplished in the past year that has made a contribution to Clark Retirement Community?” Performance approvals require self-reflection as well as feedback from the Human Resources Department. 5. Currently at Clark Retirement Community, appraisals don’t impact salaries. However, this is going to change this upcoming year. The Human Resource department will start using a merit matrix. On one side of the matrix is performance evaluation results and the other is a pay range. Performance reviews will soon determine compensation/raises. 6. Clark has a recognition committee made up of leadership and line staff to recognize and reward
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