Why The Internet Is The Fuel For The Global Economy

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If the Internet is the fuel for the global economy, the midmarket is the engine that makes it work from a growth, stability, and innovation perspective. Traditional enterprises have typically built and deployed enterprise systems that are used exclusively by employees, with a focus on internal processes, improving efficiencies, decreasing costs across all functional business areas. With proliferation of the Cloud and The Internet of Things (IoT), businesses have been forced to deploy solutions that focus on business models that revolve around interactions with a myriad of disparate constituents from; customers, suppliers, partners, employees, and now remote assets/devices. Enterprise software companies like: Traditional Enterprise Applications Vendors: IFS, Infor, Microsoft Corporation, Oracle Corporation, PTC, QAD, Sage, SAP, Syspro, Totvs (Brazil), and Yonyou (China); Born-in-the-cloud Applications Vendors: Acumatica, Epicor, Kenandy, NetSuite, Ramco, Syspro, and Workday; Each of these companies have been developing midmarket solutions to help their customers take advantage of these new market realities. In today 's hypercompetitive marketplace, the midmarket has many of the same complications and challenges the Fortune 500 takes on every day. Each company has its own and unique supply chain, their own business processes, scare resources, and the need to drive ROI and TCO from their enterprise systems. Five years ago, ERP systems were, in many cases, a very expensive
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