Why The Japanese Tea Market Has A Gradual Increase Over The Years

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Tea in Japan
“The Japanese beverage sector is one of the biggest beverage markets in the world.” “It is highly competitive and has reached a peak in its maturity, thus making growth difficult” (Japan). This term paper will study why the Japanese tea market has seen a gradual decrease over the years, and will study the factors that caused this industry to see such a change. It will include the history/origin of tea, the ongoing changes in the tea market, and whether other countries like China are seeing the same downward shift. It will also provide research on the top Japanese tea sellers, major (tea) export partners, top competitors (both internal and external), current products in the market, along with issues that have affected the tea industry in recent years. The major time periods that will be studied include; the founding of tea in Japan (700’s), the first signs of exports (1600’s), and the shift in the tea market between 2000 to the present.
Tea has always played an important role in both Japanese culture and their market. It is also the most common beverage available in Japan. Tea was introduced to Japan from China during the “Nara Period” (700’s). It was seen as a medicinal product only available to monks and the upper class. It was then later available to people from all social classes during the “Muromachi Period” (1333-1573) (Ito En). During this time tea was used mainly during ceremonies that were “Zen inspired; focusing on humility and tranquility”. These tea…
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