Why The National Hockey League

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The purpose of this research study is to identify the reasons why the National Hockey League suffers from low television ratings while the National Football League thrives in television ratings. The NHL has a very avid fan base and attendance in most markets for the sport is consistently high. However, there seems to be a lack of ability to translate that success to the television viewers. The National Football League has been able to successfully bring its product to all fans through the television and ratings for the NFL are incredible. By identifying the reasons that the NFL has been able to translate its product through television and why the NHL has struggled, the field of Sport Management will have a better understanding of the methods and strategies necessary for teams and leagues to reach their full potential. Two hundred participants selected from the New York City metropolitan area will be selected to participate in a study to determine the factors in this discrepancy in television viewing between both leagues.

Television ratings in the sports world mean everything to leagues and teams alike. The success of a league in terms of profitability will be determined by the amount of viewership throughout the season and into the playoff rounds. Professional sports leagues understand that this reality exists and endless amounts of research has been poured into marketing their brand to the public. The National Hockey League has been in existence since…
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