Why The Nets Just Can 't Get Right

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Trouble in Brooklyn: Why the Nets Just Can’t Get Right

The Brooklyn Nets are 1-9 this season, and are tied for the second worst record in the league. The team has played a lot better in their last few games (and should have won all of them), but still find themselves with a two-game losing streak. Now the team is back from a long road trip, with a lot of questions, and very little answers.

So what’s wrong with the team? Some people thought they would struggle this year, but not too many people thought they would be this bad. The problem is actually very simple: The team just isn’t good enough to sustain wins.

The team plays hard every game. I can make an argument that play just as hard as any other team in the league. But they tend to run out of gas by the end of games, and don’t have enough talent to push through for 48 minutes.

Good Teams Win and….

Let’s take these last few games for example. Like I said earlier, they should have won all three, but instead lost the last two to the Kings and Warriors. They did manage to stick out a win in Houston for their first (and only) win of the season.

In Sacramento, the Nets were in total control of the game and had Kings center DeMarcus Cousins struggling and frustrated. Cousins then erupted for an unbelievable third quarter with 21 points and gave the Kings the momentum needed to finish the game out. The Nets had the ball with a chance to either tie or win the game. Instead, the inbound pass was tipped and stolen and the
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