Why The Nra May Have Been Armed

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Leaving the undead tangled in the branches of the downed trees, Dean and I followed the path of the microburst to the top of a ridge. I was amazed at the number of zombies wandering about the woods. They must have been leaving Slippery Rock in search of food. I wondered how many of the residents in hiding were left alive. If a normal family were barricaded in their home this long, their food supply would be gone or nearly so. There wasn 't much more time for people to hide. Human beings were on the razor 's edge. Now was the time to make our stand or die trying. Many of the people who had successfully hidden from the undead would become desperate, plunging into an abandoned grocery store or someone’s empty looking home. If the…show more content…
"We need some new shoes and socks," Dean stated, breaking my train of thought. "I agree," I said. "If we don 't get some, we won 't be able to walk very far. When I was in the jungle I saw too many people rub blisters and develop foot fungus by underestimating the importance of dry, clean footwear." I looked down at my boots. They literally squished water as I stepped down. "Where 'd you learn about dry footwear?" I asked, making conversation. Dean hesitated. There was a moment of silence. Then he sheepishly said, "I saw it in the movies." "Knowledge is knowledge," I said, supporting him. A moment later, he continued. "I had an uncle who was a policeman in New York. He walked a beat. Before he went on duty, he used to spray his feet with antiperspirant to keep them from sweating. He said that kept his feet warm in the winter and helped him avoid rubbing blisters." "That sounds logical," I confirmed. "Lets start checking some houses for replacement footwear." The first house yielded some socks, but there were no shoes that fit properly. We talked about staying there and drying our shoes in the sun, but the front door had been completely ripped off of its hinges, so we didn 't feel that was an option. We took a couple pair of socks each and continued down the road. The second home was no better, but our boots were beginning to dry in the warm
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