Why The Prices On Your Local Gas Station Has Drop Dramatically?

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Have you wonder why the prices on your local gas station has drop significantly? It came to a point where a barrel of WTI crude is 3 times cheaper than a barrel it 's put in. This all plays into the hands of government officials and smart investors seeking for greater influence and profits. It mostly comes from the same roots of the past relationships some country could seek as an economical threat. Which all the problems come back into the present day doing a lot more damage for future generations to handle. In another sense, this economical problem actually does benefit the average consumer, however it’s a step backward towards an environmental friendly sociality and hard oil workers in the fields. Nonetheless, the oil crisis has been a very sophisticated strategic plan in order to take out other competitors and looking forward to stability in the monopoly. This global phenomenal threat has repeated itself many times throughout the centuries when it was first discovered. William Tammeus, writer of the (The Globe and mail) has stated that “Oil prices have fallen lately. We include this news for the benefit of gas stations, which otherwise wouldn’t learn of it for six months.” This ironic statement reflects on the oil company’s desire to capture more value from the market by simply delaying its price communications. By all means, there was a saying of maturity in what the anonymous author proclaimed, “if you don 't solve the problems from the your past they will follow

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