Why The Rich Are Getting Richer

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Many people wonder in the world, “why are the rich getting richer”? Which is a very important question. Over countless years, the wealthy have found many ways around taxes like loopholes and tax deductions. Meanwhile, the lower-class are left lost and clueless to any sort of tips around taxes and leaves them in turmoil. In Reich’s “Why the Rich are Getting Richer” he goes on and explains just that, why are the rich getting richer. The economic difficulties that have been circulating in America have been making it challenging for people to pay their taxes, while only two percent of the Americans are sitting on their high horse sponging up all their money. America is the way it is because society doesn’t sit down and take in that the wealthy are only getting richer while the poor or people in poverty struggle to just keep up with their bills. One of the biggest things in the United States is social security. It has put many people in trouble and I don’t get why the rich are getting it after they retire. Through the world we have always struggled with people not getting paid enough or people getting paid to much. Most of the people are getting paid far less than what they should. Through this essay I am going to give you information about social security and the effects it has had on lives of people, including the rich. When first created in 1935, Social Security was first thought of, as a social insurance program as an idea to provide income to the elderly through
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