Why The Rich Should Not Be Taxed More

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Why the Rich Should Not Be Taxed More Many Americans agree today that there should be higher taxes on the wealthy. Many surveys have been conducted to reveal the opinion of whether or not the rich should be taxed more. Many of the surveys equaled out with opinions and others, like one conducted in 2010, showed that 67 percent of Americans believe that the wealthy should pay more in social security tax. From another survey conducted a year later in 2011, Americans were asked whether the wealthy should be taxed more and the wealth redistributed, and results were split with 47 percent choosing redistribution and 49 percent disagreeing with the idea (Introduction to Should the Rich Pay Higher Taxes?,2). But “more than six and ten Americans think the United States benefits from having a class of rich people, which is an unchanging idea from 22 years ago” (Introduction to Should the Rich Pay Higher Taxes?, 2). Going against the ideas of many Americans, the wealthy are already taxed enough. Lower class Americans pay little to no taxes, are blaming the American wealth imbalance on the rich not being taxed enough. Taxing the wealthy more than the amount already will not benefit charity, create economic stability, or benefit lower class households. Most multimillionaires are most likely to cite their top wealth contributor as running their own business. Many others claim that hard work, smart investing, education and inheritance as a main contribute. Only 1percent of millionaires

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