Why The Roaring 20s?

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This essay will review the following: assessing the argument on why the roaring 20s was a reaction to the first world war, who/what is to blame for the great depression, who had a more difficult experience: farmers or city people, how effective the responses of the Roosevelt Administration to the great depression and how that changed the role of the federal government, as well as why the general publics thought of the 1920s being a good time is inaccurate. In a way the roaring 20s is a reaction to the first world war, during the roaring 20s the political systems had been changing, during the war alcohol was needed for soldiers use but at the end of this war a band had been set on alcohol use seeing as there was no real need for it anymore. Also new technological uses started thanks to the first war. During world war one Germany had many new secret weapons like airplanes used to see the battlefield from above and tanks which helped during the trench warfare and gases and while the roaring 20s did not exactly use things like that it did create new things like the model-t and model-a ford cars. Before the war the public had voted for Wilson as president because of his promise to keep the people out of the war (isolationism) but during the end we had entered anyways and once the war had ended the public decided they did not want that to happen again so during the next election people had voted for Harding because he promised to bring back normalcy and was not Wilson
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