Why The Sat Is An Essential Part Of High School Students

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The SAT is an essential part of high school students to be admitted into post-secondary schools. A test of this magnitude combined with the increasing competition in college admissions should have test scores increasing as each year passes, but instead, a reverse trend is occurring. The average reading scores have decreased in the last four decades. The scores have dropped on average of thirty- three points from 1972 (Chandler). These drastic decrease in the scores can be attributed to the change in demographics of the test takers and the advancement of technological goods in everyday life. Reading scores have dropped primarily because of the increasing amount of different individuals taking the test. First introduced in the early 1900s, the primary test takers of the SAT were rich, white males. In the next century test takers have grown tremendously, nearing two million high school seniors (Chandler). With the increase in the number of students taking the SAT, more and more high school students who speak English as a second language are taking the standardized test. 48% of all Hispanic students took the test in 2011, whereas forty years ago, only a fraction of Hispanic students took the test. The number of international test takers has increased over the last forty years, adding to the ever-growing population of test takers with English as their second language. Chinese students doubled in taking the test in just two years (The Pie). These students usually lack…
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