Why The School Uniform Policy Is Such A Bad Idea

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Chalfonte Butler Mr. Meyer College Writing 1 10 December 2015 Ban School Uniforms There are so many reasons why the School Uniform policy is such a bad idea. Even though uniforms were recently imposed in certain locations, uniforms have been in existence for several centuries now. The first type of school uniform that was documented was a standard garment in 1222. In 16th century England, children in the Christ Hospital Boarding School were the creators of modern school uniform. They wore blue cassocks and yellow stockings; they were trying to mirror the image of the clergyman that they looked up to. School uniforms in the United States wasn’t all for the uniform system. All private and parochial was the first required to wear school uniform. The first states to implement uniforms in public schools were Maryland and Washington DC. Most states do not agree with requiring to wear uniforms, more school districts aren’t with requiring uniform. Uniforms only fuel commercial interests; they aren’t solving the problem that they were implanted for. A lot of companies use the uniform system as a source of profit. There is a limitless profit on uniforms you can make the price for the uniform anything you want. That is why more corporations are beginning to require uniforms. It’s fair to say that some schools aren’t suggestions uniforms for the students but for the profit. Why would you support an idea that you think will benefit your child but really is for the money. While the
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