Why The Secret Service Came

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Why the Secret Service Came to be
Jonathan W. Taylor
Ivy Tech Community College
The United States of America has an elite group of men and women who protect their President, and handle monetary crimes such as counterfeiting, and financial crimes, they are called the United States Secret Service. These top agents work hard daily to crack down on fraudulent crimes, and keep the Commander in Chief alive. This report will highlight their work from 1850- 1901. 3 presidents were killed in this time period, and much of the USA’s currency was fake and useless. All that considered, somebody had to step in and fix things. The Secret Service was the saving grace, and helped to get the nation back on the right track. This paper will show how
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With over one-third of the nation’s money being fake, it became a real issue. When there is fake money in the economy, it drains the value of the US dollar. It drains the value because, the more bills that are out there, the less value there is to the ones in people’s wallets, which tears apart the nation’s economy. ("U.S Secret Service in History," n.d.) Even today the US still takes counterfeiting very serious, a single charge of carry fraudulent money can add up to 250,000 dollars in fines, and possibly 20 years in prison (Followill, n.d). Fake money still affects us today, and should be taken very seriously. Death of Lincoln
On April 14, 1865, Abraham Lincoln should have approved the secret service as personal protection. His decision to not approve the Secret Service for personal protection of himself could have saved his life. Lincoln went to the play wife his wife, Mary. Meanwhile, there was a deadly lapse in protection of Lincoln. John Parker was a local police officer assigned to honest Abe that night, but could not contain his drinking problem. Parker went to have a drink. After that, John Wilkes Booth snuck, aimed his Derringer pistol, and shot Lincoln in the back of the head. Lincoln was rushed across the street where he died hours later. This is sad by how easily this could have been prevented this murder. Unfortunately, the US Government did not learn their lesson quite yet.
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