Why The Soldiers Might Hurt Me

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I’m not concerned that the soldiers might hurt me, I’m more worried that I might accidentally kill one of the soldiers who are just trying to do their jobs. But I guess it’s a little late to be worrying about that now. From the corner of my eye, I can see that a large crowd, has gathered on the sidewalks. Could one them be a Rebel? If any of them are I’ll need to make this look convining. I turn back to the soldiers to find they’ve already started to in circle me, stalking me like some everyday street scavenger. My heart pounds in my chest, and a smile spreads across my lips, as every fiber and nerve ending in my body buzzes with a surge of adrenaline, snapping my mind into focus. Well won’t they be surprised. I glance from soldier to…show more content…
As he screams, I aim a punch at his face. My fist crunches into his nose and blood spurts onto the ground, as he falls to his knees. What happens next is a blur. I grab the knife by the blade, then whirl around and throw the knife so fast, my shoulder socket burns. The knife hits him hard in the shoulder, where two seams of the armor meet and he falls hard to the ground. I turn and head back to the truck, when I hear a gunshot. The pain is at once sudden and intense, beginning in my side and spreading outward like a wildfire. I clench my teeth to stop the scream in my throat, and I fall to my knees. I touch my fingers to my side---and that’s when I feel something hot and sticky. I look at my fingers, to see blood dripping onto the ground. But how---the driver. I’d completely forgotten about the driver. “Make another move, and I’ll send the next shot through your brain.” a voice says. I left my head, the headlights of the truck shines behind the soldier, making it impossible to see his face. The soldier steps forward, finger hovering over the trigger of his gun. My mind buzzes, as I search desperately for a way out of this. But close my eyes, as I draw a blank. I listen as the soldiers boots stride towards me, I listen as I hear the sound of the soldiers boots moving towards me. Suddenly I hear a boom, and I’m thrown back my cheek scraping the pavement. People scream. My
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