Why The South Suffered A Major Downfall

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There were various reasons as to why the South suffered a major downfall, and loss in the American Civil War. The South did have several advantages from its vast amount of land, to its trained soldiers who possessed many skills, to its knowledge of the land since it was familiar land to them. However, the North had various advantages from it advantages in both their amount in soldiers and resources, to the having great financial resources, to being higher than the South industrially, to having a strong navy, and to having more railroad systems and a greater leader. Both also had disadvantages, from the South having fewer factories, to having a smaller population compared to the North because almost one-third of the population was made up…show more content…
The last reason would be they were outnumbered or basically outmanned, and lacked in resources, factories, and transportation that would help them during wartime, compared to the North. So basically the three reasons the North won and the South lost was because of the economy and financing, overpowering manpower of the south, and centralized government, or lack thereof by the South.
“For better or worse, the political philosophies underlying the creation of the Confederate States of America, with its emphasis upon a strong state and a weak central government, coupled with its vast investments in a slave-labor-based agricultural economy, meant that the South had neither the ability nor the desire to develop the kind of industrial economy or centralized financial system required to sustain a “modern” war. By contrast, the Union’s willingness and ability to vastly increase the influence and footprint of the federal government not only contributed directly to its military success in the war, but it also transformed many other areas of national life, including industrial, economic, agricultural, mechanical, and financial realms.” (“Industry and Economy during the Civil War”) The Confederates States of America, was established by eleven states that left the Union. The Constitution for the Confederacy protected slavery, by viewing slaves as mere property. Also, they were devoted to a free market. The South believed in states’ rights. “A consistent source of tension was
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