Why The Sport Of Hunting

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Bob gets up early to set up trail cameras on his hunting land. He monitors the pictures and maps out where and when deer typically pass by. Later he has a plan to start hunting that is very efficient. Bob uses his a rifle to take down the 10 point buck he had been watching for a week before he even got to the hunting land. Hunting today is very different than in the past. Anyone that has liked or still does hunt has to have a question on how the sport people enjoy so much today started. Many people just think of cavemen and old extinct animals such as mammoth when people think of the start of hunting, which yes, it was an early form of hunting but it also was survival for their family and others. It actually was not fun at all for the…show more content…
Wong says, “New weapon development made us able to hunt for a wider range assortment of animals, which caused the human race to become more predacious.” In the article ¨Evolution of Hunting¨ the author says in the early days, hunting was more about getting food and surviving. One early hunting method is the “Push”. The push is when have a group of posters at where u think the animals are going to run, and then on the other end The purpose of hunting has changed over time. Hunting for animals provided people with clothing. People used animals to make rugs, blankets, and clothes. The fur gave people warmth. Hunters tried to use weapons that would kill the animal but not destroy the skin or fur. In the article (“Small but Deadly”). Hunting animals was a way to show status in many cultures, The Author of (“Evolution of Hunting”) says, ¨They kept and flaunted parts of animals on their clothing, such as teeth, claws and horns, to signify dominance or to represent a point of power in that group of people.¨ EVOLUTION OF SURVIVAL Humans have used a variety of weapons over the time period of hunting. In the article (“Small but Deadly”) The author said some hunters would use a weapon called a Rabbit Stick. This weapon is a throwing stick that is about 16” to 20” long and slightly curved like a boomerang.
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