Why The Tecumseh Historical Society Will Be My Greatest Asset

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When working on this project I intend to utilize the materials that I already have available to me as a starting point. The Tecumseh Historical Society has an extensive amount of information on the Hayden family. Because of the amount of information I will have to then sort out the information that would not be useful toward my project, and then focus on the information that will enrich the project. The Historical Society may also have contact information to reach descendants of the Hayden family who might be willing to set up a time to perform an interview. For this project, I believe the Tecumseh Historical Society will be my greatest asset. When attempting to answer the question, I would first start to search through the archives to find the information that addresses my question I plan to break it into the three categories of Ford’s influence on the the local community, the economy, and the technology. In these categories I can break them up in the many different sub-categories as well. When answering my question of Henry Ford’s influence on the community, I plan on breaking it up in to several sub- categories as well. The categories that I would like to break economics into are the following: the mill, economy of the citizens, and economy of the city as a whole. One sources that I have is a newspaper article that discusses the involvement of Henry Ford allowing citizens of the city to have a career. When looking at the company, I have some budget plans before

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