Why The Titans Is A Single Race Community

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Since the beginning of time the world has been divided into groups whether it 's by age gender or race, refusal to conform to these groups results in conflict the confrontation of two rival groups have always been known to create unrest among the populace whether it be gangs crips or bloods religions muslim vs christian or two race black and white these groups never seem to agree with each other in many cases these disagreements can be the cause of major conflicts in society increased crime rate hate groups forming, and violence directed a certain group of people but why? Why do groups form what causes a cluster of people to get together and and head towards one direction without looking at the opinions of those around them. Many factors play a role such as the feeling of being wanted or accepted in a group the the need to do what others are doing getting away from your normal life to do something different. Remember the titans is a movie that highlights the thoughts of a society who has just removed the laws of segregation after being a single race community for such a long time the movie depicts the struggle of the two different races to be a part of the same community together much of this is shown in the new race mixed school but also around in the neighborhood. Riots break out and there is constant struggle between the groups due to different beliefs and interests much like it is in the real world. So What is it that causes humans to succumb to the power of
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