Why The Trade Show Is Kuwait International Fair As A First Step Move Into The International Business

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As a Director of Marketing and Research in Rona Faucets Company, I recommend to do the trade show in Kuwait International Fair as a first step to move into the international business. Our company products such as Bathroom and Kitchen faucets will be displayed in The Big 5 Kuwait 2015 trade show. This report illustrates the rationale for selecting Kuwait as the trade show location for the Rona Faucets Company and in addition, it briefly explains about the execution strategy, budget, and advertising and promotion methods in the Kuwait trade show.
The Big 5 Kuwait The Big 5 Kuwait is the largest and best attended building and construction event in Kuwait. By exhibiting in this trade show, our company has a chance of tapping into
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Our company will have an added edge if we make the right move now and it will help us to capture the wealthy market. This new show runs alongside The Big 5 and will focus on interior fit-out products. That means it will cover everything from bathrooms and kitchens, to the individual products and materials that are necessary to create original interior designs and fit outs.
The other reasons for choosing The Big 5 Kuwait International Fair is that, the country has a large, modern, exhibition facility readymade to host exhibitions of all sizes, as well as present conference events. Kuwait 's economy too has a significant influence. The country has the highest budget surplus as a percentage of GDP of any Gulf state - at 25 percent - and this budget is earmarked for spending on housing, infrastructure and healthcare. This creates huge opportunities for exhibitions and conferences that address these subjects (Mellor, 2015).
But our experience is telling us there is a huge demand and enthusiasm from local businesses. Business leaders at all levels in
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