Why The Uk Crime Rate Has Reduced Over The Past 20 Years

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Crime is unacceptable in all society. It is not just imposed on the victim, but also the cost to society. The factor influenced the person to take part in criminal activities are composed of the expected gain from crime, the chance of being convicted, the punishment level and the opportunities in legal activities. There are many countries facing with crime problem and they have been trying to find out the way to manage with this issue. The UK is one of the well-managed country that the crime level fell sharply in the last two decades. This essay will be discussed the reason why the UK crime rate has reduced over the past 20 years, which focused on main potential factors in order to reduce crime in the UK.
Based on the British Crime Survey (BCS), which divides crime into 2 types – household (vandalism, vehicle-related theft, burglary, bicycle theft and other household theft) and personal crime (theft from the person, other thefts of personal property, assault, wound, and robbery), the figures show the rate of crime has declined over the past two decade. The total number of crimes estimated by the BCS rose steadily throughout the 1980s and early 1990s from 11.9 million to 19.4 million, which peaked in 1995. Since then, the crime levels has continued downwards until now, but with some fluctuation from year to year. This BCS is a victimization survey, which measure by asking people about their experience in crime in the previous year. In addition to support this statistic, there…
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