Why The United Nations Started The Program For Women

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There are all kinds of different discrimination out there in the world. There is sexual discrimination as well as racial or being discriminated against because of your religion. The second biggest one is gender discrimination or biased that I have heard about in recent news. There is an ad out there that is trying to raise awareness of gender discrimination. One of the main people that are trying to raise awareness of the gender discrimination are called United Nations women. Which is women from the United Nations trying to raise awareness of this epidemic all over the world. How many of you have been discriminated against? I’ll bet that at least some of you have had someone racial or sexually profile you before. I know that is the case for some people in today’s day and age. It doesn’t feel good to be judged just because you weren’t born one way or another. That is why the United Nations started the program for women. The whole point of brining this up is to try to get people to understand that this is still happening from back in the forties and fifties when it was a cultural normalcy. Now however it is completely absurd to not treat people the same even if they aren’t the same gender as you. Women’s rights have come quite a bit further in the last couple of years compared to what they have been in the late forties and early fifties. Back then women were expected to stay at home and do all the cooking and cleaning while the men worked. Then they had to…
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