Why The United States Entered World War I

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World War I This essay will examine all nine readings. There will also be insight given to why the United States entered World War I, and whether or not the reasons were persuasive. Other things will also be discussed, including: what America’s war aims were, and how Wilson’s goals were unrealistic, misleading, overly idealistic and moralistic. The fact that Wilson expected too much of international law and international organization. Also, why Wilson’s goals were not achieved. That the national interest is what should guide American diplomacy. There was also a lot of questions of loyalty and civil liberties that were raised by the war. The United States entered World War I to fight for democracy. Another reason they entered war was because the arguments about capitalism. Part of the reason they entered the war was because of the German submarine warfare. Lives of innocent people were being taken for no reason. “German submarine warfare against commerce is a warfare against mankind.” “American ships have been sunk, American lives taken, in ways which it has stirred us very deeply to learn of.” John Kenneth Turner said that the he thought that the war was a war for business. World War I made 21,000 new american millionaires, and 60,000 men made more than three billion dollars over their normal income. War makes money which is why Wall Street wanted war. America’s war aims were to keep the people safe, and increase the trading. They wanted to have peace and justice in the
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