Why The United States Have Fighting The Taliban Qaeda Terrorist

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The United States has been fighting the war in Afghanistan for the past fourteen years, yet the Taliban insurgents are not defeated and the insurgency is rising. This paper examines the major reasons why the United States has not been able to defeat the Taliban insurgent group in Afghanistan since 9/11.The main players in war against the Taliban are the governments of Afghanistan, Pakistan and the United States. The Afghan Taliban insurgent group, installed and backed up by Pakistan’s government officially ruled over Afghanistan from 1996-2001. In the meantime, the Taliban endorsed and allowed Osama Bin Laden, the founder and leader of Al-Qaeda global terrorist organization to set up terrorist training camps in eastern and southern…show more content…
national security and interests in the region. The United States has not been able to eradicate the Taliban in Afghanistan because of two main reasons: the corruption within the Afghan security forces and the Pakistani government 's support of the Afghan Taliban. Internal to the country, the corrupt practices of the Afghan Army leaders and police officials include selling American-issued weapons and ammunition to the Taliban insurgents. The corruption results in members of the Taliban to remain strong and well equipped with American weapons and ammunitions. External factor, the government of Pakistan (ISI –Inter-Service Intelligence) or army intelligence supports the Afghan Taliban by financing their military operations, training them and providing sanctuary for members of the Taliban. For these two reasons which will be addressed with details, America has not been able to defeat the Taliban insurgent group in Afghanistan since 2001. Corruption within the Afghan National Army and Afghan National Police has significantly benefited the Taliban insurgent group to remain powerful and continue their operations against the U.S. military in Afghanistan. According to an Afghan security analyst interviewed by Shah and Rubin (2015) ‘There is huge demoralization at all levels that derives from corruption… a bunch of corrupt commanders are selling weapons, selling ammunition, [and]
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