Why The United States Should Legalize Illegal Immigrants

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Jorge Martinez is an illegal immigrant, he’s from Mexico, and still in that country, he works as a mechanic on cars. Jorge works 15 hours, and he gets payed low amount of money, in Mexico it’s very poor condition living, but enough money to barely feed himself, and his family. Jorge want’s to come, and live in United States with his family. His family lives in poor condition, Jorge, and his family both want education to be prepared in the future, and have good living conditions.
The reason why is because that should illegal immigrants receive citizenship to a path for a better future. Yes, they should receive citizenship for illegal immigrants like for Jorge, and his family for a better future, and to complete his dreams. Most of them working to earn their sons, and daughters a chance at the American dream? Our reform bill would have established a tough, but fair
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President Obama, favor allowing undocumented immigrants to take steps to legalize their status, and ultimately become U.S. citizens. The U.S. is nothing without immigrants, mostly hispanics which do everything that an American won't do, such as for us like building houses and etc. We all deserve to work, and earn money, and even earn education for a better future for immigrants, you never know that one immigrant has the special education, and power to change the world. Also for better economy for the United states for better living condition for us. For example, as a hispanic man mostly works harder for a state, or city, and making more buildings, or working at a construction, and mechanics that fix cars, who help the people for better living. Some people feel that immigration should not be given citizenship, because America is to full, and not enough jobs, schools are full, also America is too crowded. But you never know if that
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