Why The Vietcong's Who Tried To Receive Prisoners In Vietnam

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The main reason that the Vietcong wanted to capture more prisoners was to get more information about the American side of the war and what their plan was. When the Vietcong would take the soldiers captive, they would group them or take them to a certain place depending on rank. If they thought they knew a lot of information that they would find useful, then they would send them to one place, and if they thought they didn’t know much at all, they would send them elsewhere. In order to get special military information out of them, a lot of the prisoners were brutally mistreated with clubs and whips. As said on The Vietnam War website, “…usually to acquire written or recorded statements which condemned American conduct of the war and praised North Vietnamese treatments.…show more content…
public opinions against the U.S. war efforts in Vietnam.” (Valentine, 2013) Overall, the treatment of the POW’s who were captured was a subject of controversy.…show more content…
He was seized in Laos on June 6, 1964 when his RF-8 reconnaissance plane got hit by enemy ground fire. (Rochester, 2010) He was forced to eject not far from the area he was
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